Church Extension Ministries, a department in the Bible Fellowship Church denomination, exists to plant new churches. It does this by evangelizing in areas, communities and neighborhoods as well as among people where Bible Fellowship Churches do not exist and by forming and nurturing to maturity new congregations. It identifies locations of need, recruits and assesses church planters, and provides training, resources and help for church planters and new church plants. Church Extension Ministries facilitates churches outside the denomination who wish to connect with the BFC by determining their doctrinal compatibility and potential for leadership from the congregation. Churches which seek to join the BFC are evaluated by the  same benchmarks as a church plant ready for graduation into the denomination which include at least 2 elder candidates (other than the church planter himself), 20 or more committed participants and the ability to be self-supporting. If you are an independent church who might have interest in becoming part of the BFC, please contact Director David Gundrum.

Church Extension Bulletin Insert

CEM Bulletin Insert - Nov 2018

 Church Planters PowerPoint

Church Extension By-Laws

CEM By-Laws

Church Extension’s current Forward Plan

FRESH WIND - 2013 Forward plan