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Name Position E-mail Phone Fax
Rev. David E. Gundrum Director 610-769-4337 (Office) 610-769-4338
Rev. Richard Taylor Chairman & Mentoring Assistant 610-331-7301 (cell)
Rev. William Schlonecker Secretary 302-366-8539 (Office) 302-366-8542
Rev. Mark Morrison Vice Chairman 717-413-0377 (Cell)
Robert Davies Treasurer 610-965-5213 (Home)
Al Roberts Board Member 215-723-7937 (Home)
James Stapleton Board Member 610-621-2370
Rev. James Arcieri Board Member 215-541-4880
Rev. Timothy Gibson Board Member 610-868-5501
Mike Norquist Board member 610-368-8512 (Cell)
Rev. Mark Barninger Board Member 717-579-4414 (cell)
Rev. Raymond Bertolet Assistant Church Planter 302-245-0148 (Cell)
Diego Rodriguez Hispanic Ministry Liaison Intern  610-780-7523
Laurie Kuhns Administrative Assistant 610-769-4337 (CEM) 610-769-4338 (CEM)
Donald Skekel Development Manager 610-398-2190 (Cell) 610-769-4338
Rachel Schmoyer Office Assistant 610-769-4337 (CEM) 610-769-4338 (CEM)