Do you want to know how to get involved with Church Extension?

Light in the Park 2009(3)We are always looking for help, along with your prayers, with our projects and church planting. The following is a list of possible opportunities for you and your church to volunteer and get involved.

Short term mission and service opportunities for churches, youth groups, and others.

Mission and Service Projects
Various ministry and service opportunities are available with our Church Planters.

Summer VBS Programs – A youth, young adult or adult group could come to one of our Missions and either assist or hold the entire VBS program
Evangelistic Outreaches – A group could come for several days and do door-to-door Gospel saturation or another evangelistic program designed for the group.
Community Surveying – In new areas of church planting, survey work is very important. A group could assist in the door-to-door surveying of people in the target community.
Cross-Cultural Assimilation – Preferably an individual or very small group could spend some time with one of our Church Planters who has a cross-cultural ministry and learn some important lessons.
Work/Service Projects – Many of the Mission Churches in Church Extension have properties, parsonages and meeting places which need ongoing upkeep. A group could organize, with our Work Team Coordinator, a visit to one of our Missions and work on a project.
Other Opportunities – In the past, some groups have done concerts, street puppet ministries, beach evangelism and more. Use your imagination to have a great ministry experience with Church Extension.


Church Extension can offer short term internships for men seeking to learn more about church planting. The intern will be assigned to one of the Church Planters. An internship will be designed to meet the interests of the intern along with the needs of the church planter. An internship can also be designed to coordinate with an intern’s college or seminary program.

Aquila & Priscilla Partners

They are families, couples, or individuals who come from church and minister alongside the Church Planter. They offer their time, energy, and financial support. The A&P’s may be sent out by a church and may be considered “home missionaries.”

Focus     To help the Church Planter and Mission Church.


  • To commit time, energy, financial support, and attendance to a Mission Church.
  • To be assigned by the Church Planter those duties that will assist the Mission Church in its development.
  • To work alongside the people in the Mission Church and encourage them.
  • To discuss with the Church Planter a plan for involvement which will include length of stay at the Mission Church, gifts that could be used, and areas of interest.

Be a BFC Church Planter

Opportunities for church planting exist in many areas of the United States and the world.
Dream your dream for a church plant. Urban Hispanic church planting and partnering with one of our established BFC churches to do daughter church planting is also available.

Become a BFC Church

Are you an independent church who is looking to connect with a denomination? The Bible Fellowship Church would like to talk with you about the possibilities of joining us. You can check out the process here or email for more information.